Parkkaron brand, Parkörme San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti is the patented brand of our company. Our company was established 30 years ago and provides wholesale services in the women's clothing sector to both domestic and international wholesale markets. Our company has served with 2 different brands in this 30-year marathon and then continues to serve for 5 years only with the Parkkaron brand. Karon has reached its targeted market share in world markets day by day and continues this journey with firm steps to reach its new targets. The success of our company in this process, due to the increase in production numbers, is instrumental in providing new employments day by day. While we serve all over the world with this dedication and effort, the contribution we provide to our country's economy also motivates us while doing our job. Parkkaron has become a sought-after brand as a result of blending world trends with its unique fashion sense and our 30 years of experience.


Our company, which has achieved world standards with its 8000 m2 closed usage area, strong staff and technical infrastructure, closely follows global changes. Our company, which closely follows all developments related to the World Ready-to-Wear sector, has on this occasion been integrated with world standards. brought the service quality to the highest level.


Our target audience is young people who are able to catch the trend product group, who pay attention to quality standards, and women who feel young.